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New evaluation indicator in vivamind Checkup

Gum inflammation (periodontitis) is one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide. However, many people do not realize that they are affected because periodontitis is mostly not painful and the first signs of the disease are not taken seriously enough. If left untreated, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss, with far-reaching consequences. According to the German Oral Health Study (DMS V), 51.6 percent of 35-44 year olds and 64.6 percent of 65-74 year olds are affected by moderate or severe periodontitis.

Periodontitis is a portal of entry for oral microorganisms into the body. It is a risk factor for other diseases such as coronary heart disease. However, periodontitis is easily treatable, especially if the disease is detected early.

The new test is now part of the vivamind Checkup. With this test, you can easily assess your own risk for the possible presence of periodontitis.

vivamind thus closes an important gap in the prevention of risks and diseases.

vivamind I May 18 I 2021


vivamind Resilience Score

vivamind Resilience Score

Psychological resilience describes the psychological resistance that enables people to cope with crises and particularly strong stresses and to develop personally under the influence of resources.

People with high resilience suffer significantly less from psychological stress in the event of strong demands than those with weak resilience. Your personal resilience is influenced by a variety of environmental factors, personal resources and personality traits.

The score calculated here is made up of the following components:

  1. self-regulation competence
  2. mindfulness
  3. sleep quality
  4. relaxation ability
  5. work-life balance

The Resilience Score is also good for periodically tracking the overall outcome of your resilience efforts longitudinally.


vivamind Balance Score ready to go

vivamind Balance Score now available

The vivamind Balance Score integrates psychological factors and health behavior into an overall score (Integral): It reflects the general physical and psychological performance in coping with strong private and professional stress.

The vivamind Balance Score incorporates the following psychological resilience factors and health-related behavioral habits:

  1. self-regulation competence
  2. relaxation ability
  3. work-life balance
  4. strength and endurance sports
  5. consumption of stimulants: alcohol and nicotine
  6. healthy eating style: fruit, salad and vegetables

The vivamind Balance Score is also well suited to periodically track the overall result of efforts for a better prognosis in the longitudinal course.

The score can also be used as a challenge with others.


univiva – the platform for the health care professions!

A central point of contact for services related to the health care professions. That is univiva – the platform for the health care professions!

A central place where everything related to the practice of the healing professions is bundled. Knowing at all times where to find information on a wide range of topics related to everyday professional life. And finally, more time for patients thanks to less administrative work. A pipe dream? Not anymore! Because with univiva – the new platform for the medical professions – this will be possible in the future.

The story of univiva

univiva is a product of naontek, a subsidiary of Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank. The idea of developing new solutions for health care professionals and an analysis of the needs and future challenges of health care professionals gave rise to univiva as a new digital platform.

The vision – What is to be achieved with univiva?

Health professionals as demigods in white, who listen, advise and heal. Today, working as a health professional is far from this ideal. Among other things, this is due to the increasing complexity and administrative workload in everyday professional life. The bureaucratic burden in German practices is constantly increasing. More than 54 million working hours are spent annually on administration, which means around 60 working days per year for each practice. Where is the time left for the patients?

With univiva, a central platform is being created where healthcare professionals will find everything they need for their daily work. From continuing education and training, to practice marketing, ordering practice materials, recruiting and various consulting services – a selection of possible topics that will be bundled on univiva in the future.

The goal is a noticeable simplification of the daily work routine and more freedom to work with patients and customers. Wasted time invested in managing the complexity of everyday professional and practice life must no longer be allowed to take up the majority of working time. That is the claim of univiva!

Who the offer is aimed at

Everyone who works in the healthcare sector will find what they are looking for on univiva – univiva is the platform for doctors, dentists and pharmacists as well as members of the healthcare professions.

What is already available on univiva today

univiva starts with the mediation of further education and training and thus addresses the problem of a manifold and confusing offer of different providers.

On univiva, it is possible to transparently compare training courses from a wide range of providers, to find the right training course and to find new inspiration for exciting events that go beyond well-known training courses. The direct booking option and the administration of one’s own training courses at a central location round off the overall package.

Take a look


Zukunft Personal in Cologne – vivamind there

VIVAMIND OnTour – Booth V.08 Hall 2.1 at Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne from 17.09.-19.09.2019

Free admission tickets are available directly from us!

17.09. – 19.09.2019 Zukunft Personal in Cologne – One stand – one topic! “Gaining orientation – companies start with BGM2go” vivamind GmbH together with MGG – Meine Gesundheit-Genossenschaft and R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG. Visit us at booth V08, hall 2.1.

With 20 years the exhibition Zukunft Personal Europe is a place for innovation and design for HR development. It offers space for exchange and discussion and shows innovative product solutions that provide answers to the challenges of an increasingly digital, global and fast-paced world of work,” said Federal Minister Hubertus Heil in the run-up to the exhibition. Source:


TOP HEALTH action day in Dortmund

Dear business partners and friends of vivamind,

The action day TOP HEALTH is a joint offer with our BGM partners preveo (check-ups) Praevent (occupational medicine) and MGG (health cooperative) at our company headquarters Helenenbergweg 19 in 44225 Dortmund.

As part of our action day, we would like to invite you to learn about current topics and trends in occupational health management and preventive medicine. You will find an overview of the planned lectures and actions in this blog.

We are very much looking forward to your attendance. Please, let us know if you will attend and, if applicable, the number of accompanying persons you will bring:

Kind regards
Rüdiger Beck, CEO


Nutritional medicine lecture

preveo GmbH Düsseldorf invites for Tuesday, September 17, at 6:30 p.m., to a patient event “Healthy nutrition- between myth and truth – nutrition from the preventive medical point of view”.

Dr. Mounia Küppers, specialist for internal medicine of the Preveo GmbH Duesseldorf, would like to clear up in its lecture over errors to the topic nutrition. The registration is possible under 0211415 543 30. The meeting is in the Peter Mueller STR. 20, 40468 Duesseldorf.

To nourish healthily – in addition there is extensive councellor literature. However these pieces of advice are scientifically often not supported, but ideologies partly doubtful nourishing gurus. Gluten-free, raw vegan, Paleo or nevertheless better Low Carb? Which is right? Is low-fat milk actually healthier than whole milk? Shouldn’t I finally buy more fruit, which is even supposed to protect against cancer? Do light products help to get rid of a few annoying pounds?

At home, there are just as many question marks: Should I rather cook vegetables – or is raw food healthier? Can I add salt if it tastes too bland, or is that bad for my blood pressure?


vamind relaunched

We updated our vivamind website in time for the market launch.
With a clear product and customer focus, the aim is to reach a broad public.
The English version will follow shortly.

We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvement.
Every mail will be answered!

With best regards
Rüdiger Beck