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It’s so easy to place vivamind in your own infrastructure.

vivamind smart closes a crucial gap in your OHM portfolio. Whether in your internal process landscape or on external digital platforms, vivamind is easily integrated. Easily adaptable and expandable, map your health policy and your OHM.

The best of two worlds

Scientifically precise

vivamind smart is a health solution developed by medical specialists, experts from the healthcare industry and university researchers.

A systemic approach

from the life and perspective of the end user / employee, as a life-long, individually modifiable process, embedded in the health ecosystem.

Measurable health status

for reliable health reporting you need measurable KPI factors that you can rely on in your company in your reporting.

vivamind smart

Playful motivation

Scientific precision meets play, fun and reward. Team competition motivates to more movement and lasting behavioral change.

Healthy and inspiring

Achieve significantly higher participation rates by combining different interests.

Ecological and social

Reward participation with donation projects and bonus points for exciting raffles and vouchers.

Intelligent networking

Focus on your own core competencies and systematically network them with the respective partner strengths – with this model of coordinated synergies, vivamind promotes sustainable value creation for individuals, companies and insurance companies.

vivamind is an established partner on digital health portals and closes an important performance gap there. For cooperative models for the benefit of customer performance – talk to us.

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