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The vivamind Health Guide is a digital solution
developed by medical specialists and university
researchers that makes health easily
accessible and sustainably secures it for you.

The Health Checkup shows you the way.

Unique health checkup

In just 8 minutes you will receive an analysis of your health status, comprehensive, accurate, anytime, anywhere. And transparency concerning your physical and mental fitness.

Here’s your chance for a longer and more vital life.

Anonymous and safe.
Created by experts.

Consulting and coaching programs for every need

Counselling and coaching to strengthen your physical and mental fitness in the areas of nutrition, endurance and strength training, mindfulness and resilience. The Health Guide will help you put together programs that are tailored to your needs.

Reach your goal

Always up to date

You will always be up to date with the Health Guide. You will see what has improved and where there is still potential in you. The vivamind Balance Score will show you your physical and mental performance. It is an important score for your personal health progress. Use it for challenges with friends and colleagues.

vivamind is effective

The vivamind Health Guide has shown the positive influence on health in several studies.

Physical fitness



Information for doctors

Doctors can also use the Health Guide for their preventive medical care – and supplement them with medical measurements for the sustainable promotion of your health.

Information for doctors