Promotion of
health in

vivamind sustainably supports
the healthpromotion of your staff.
Your Health Performance Indicator KPI)
increases. Team building and employer
branding are strengthened and
recruiting becomes easier.

Personalized and sustainably effective health promotion.

Achieve and secure
corporate goals. Principles
of sustainability.

Smart Health Data.
Reporting with evaluations in transverse and longitudinal sections [ROI].
Cyber security.

Flexibly adaptable solutions that can be integrated into OHM platforms,

Expertise in OHM, preventive medicine and psychology.

The Health Guide that makes a big difference.

Online Checkup

Your employees get transparency and security about their health, in a precise, comprehensive way, at any time and any place. The Health Guide focuses on target-oriented measures, promoting individual potential.

Applications that can be flexibly extended, e.g. by integrating your company medical service. Mental hazard analyses according to the stress-strain-resource model.

Inspire and retain participants

Personalize health activities.

Personal goals

The Health Guide visualizes the individual health profile, leading to further programs for each topic.

Links to your OHM offers improve the personal achievement of goals. The health promotion process landscape is mapped without interruption.

define and achieve

Key Performance Indicator

Balance Score

The vivamind Balance Score integrates the health components into a benchmark for physical and mental performance.
In the anonymized cross-section, the score serves your company as an important indicator of collective health (KPI). In a longitudinal survey, the score reflects the success of individual and collective health promotion.

Use the Balance Score as a playful element for challenges in your workforce: for health promotion through team building.

Use challenges to promote team building

Promote team building

Smart Health Data


The data is stored encrypted in a database. It is available for anonymous evaluations. Longitudinal analyses evaluate the effectiveness of your OHM measures and the ROI.

Using a database for sustainably effective OHM

Sustainable corporate development

Improve health status
Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
Comply with advanced requirements in OHM
Mental hazard assessment
Increase employee satisfaction
More committed employee

Improve employer image
Strengthen team building
Simplify recruiting
Address younger generations
Address the shortage of skilled manpower

Achieve CSR goals in a measurable way
Raise awareness for social responsibility
and for health consciousness
Achieve your CO2 savings targets
Obtain valuable CSR data for reportin

Sustainable Development Goals

Success stories

“As a health insurance company, we at BIG direkt healthy opted primarily for digital channels in customer communication. Of course, digital applications are also very important for us and our customers in the area of ​​occupational health promotion.

With our BIGbalance platform, we offer the companies we serve a holistic portfolio of health services. The vivamind online checkup is an important part of this. The employees of the companies have the opportunity to get concrete, high-quality information about their own state of health online – completely online. They also receive suggestions about which measures in BIGbalance can help them improve their health. Working with vivamind and the team has been an important part from the beginning and has contributed significantly to the fact that BIGbalance is very well received by the companies and their employees. ”

STEFAN ERNST, Head of Company Health Management, BIG directly healthy

“The aim of apoBank’s company health management is to maintain and strengthen the health, job satisfaction and performance of employees. In addition to extensive offers on the part of the employer, the personal responsibility of the employees for their health plays a significant role.
With the online diagnostic program vivamind they receive their individual health and lifestyle analysis in a simple and time-saving way. With the simple traffic light rating system, employees can see where they are already doing well and where they can make improvements. Intuitive handling, comprehensible information and the connection to internal offers for health promotion make vivamind a central component in the OHM of the apoBank”.

CHRISTINA REDEKER, Human Resources, responsible for OHM at apoBank

MGG is looking forward to the strategic partnership with vivamind GmbH. This is because the economic expertise of Meine Gesundheit-Genossenschaft eG complements the analysis repertoire of vivamind’s interdisciplinary team of experts in a highly meaningful way.
In a genuine co-operation of an innovative health service provider and an appreciative health cooperative we meet our members’ and companies’ strong desire for a reliable orientation and tailored OHM concepts in more effective ways regionally and nationally.”

HEIDI NICKEL, chairperson of the board of Meine Gesundheit-Genossenschaft eG.

preveo is the leading association of preventive medical practices in Germany. Our clients are managers and employees of well-known companies and self-payers. We have firmly integrated vivamind applications into our sophisticated checkup concept. vivamind provides us with a significant added value in sustainable, structured preventive medical consultation of our clientele – and that without additional time expenditure”.

Mounia Küppers, internal medicine specialist, head physician of the preveo GmbH-Preventive Medicine Association at the Düsseldorf location.

Prävent GmbH supports companies with individually tailored occupational health care concepts. Small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations are among our clients. With vivamind we generate a significant added value in our portfolio for the health promotion of company employees. The digital collection and data protection-compliant processing of all information enables us to provide our clients with optimal advice. The informative risk assessments of vivamind are another valuable support for the OHM”.

Dr. med. Eiad Awwad, Internal and general medicine – industrial medicine specialist, Medical Director of Prävent GmbH