Precise and safe

Joint venture of scientists,
OHM experts and users makes
expert system available to any user.


Proven expertise from over 30
years of occupational health
management and preventive medicine.

Integrating the latest validated evidence from health science.

Holistic conception of health with integration of lifestyle, medical indicators, psychomental and cognitive resources.

Leading in eHealth solutions.

Scientific. Evident.

Reliable and sustainable

As a university spin-off (Leibniz Institute for Human Factors Research at TU Dortmund University and Bergische Universität Wuppertal), vivamind is committed to a scientific approach.

Verwendet wenden ausschließlich Indikatoren, die sich in experimentellen Untersuchungen, Langzeitstudien sowie Metaanalysen als hochgradig bedeutsam für das psychische Wohlbefinden und die physische Konstitution erwiesen haben.

Product idea

The co-founders’ ambitious goal is to standardize exclusive research knowledge through digitization and make it widely applicable.

vivamind offers online-based medical and psychological diagnostic solutions that provide differentiated and descriptive feedback on relevant health indicators via all Internet-enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops). The data analysis as well as the realization of the result profiles with explanatory texts take place immediately after standardized input in real time.

The online-based platform for psychological as well as medical diagnostics is modularly structured and provides feedback on specific health aspects depending on the field of application.

valid. practicable. useful.

Smart Health Data

Health management on a secure basis

The data is stored in encrypted form in a database. With anonymized cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses, you evaluate the effectiveness of your occupational health management measures. Your company benefits with health reports on corporate health [KPI] and ROI.

Artificial Intelligence

The algorithms for individual analysis are based on broad norm samples, validated prognosis formulas as well as symptom-related criteria and are continuously adapted taking into account current research findings. Current research findings from medicine and psychology form the basis for the development and validation of the algorithms.

The continuous growth of data in interconnected systems generates a gain in information quality towards autonomous learning processes….

Machine Learning

Privacy. Cybersecurity

The vivamind data protection and IT security management meets the highest standards. the It is continuously reviewed and updated by subject matter experts in data protection law and cybersecurity.

Data is transmitted securely and fully encrypted using proven technology. vivamind verifies the identity of all users via reliable authentication steps, thus ensuring trustworthiness.

Security gaps are prevented via regular code analyses and penetration testing.


Portrait Dr. Rüdiger Beck

Dr. Rüdiger Beck

Co-Founder I CEO I Partner and Customer Relations


Portrait Prof. Dr. Stefan Diestel

Prof. Dr. Stefan Diestel

Co-Founder I CPO I Sciences Relations


Portrait Marion Beck

Marion Beck

Co-Founder I CFO I Data Protection and Cyber Security I QMS


Portrait Tim Helfensdörfer

Tim Helfensdörfer

Co-Founder I CTO I Software Programming


Portrait Christos Salvanos

Christos Salvanos

CMO I Sales and Marketing I Investor Relations


Portrait Sascha Schworm

Sascha Schworm

Co-Founder I IT-Architect I App`s I ECO System


Our values

“We empower our users to achieve their personal health goals – sustainably, anytime, anywhere.”

Our foundation is evident, objective, reliable and valid. We are reference partners for prevention solutions

Our applications are user friendly with high usability.

Reliability, availability and prompt completion of orders determine our service philosophy.

Our data protection and IT security are always up-to-date and secure.

Our language is understood by patients and specialists alike. It facilitates sustainability and partnership ties.

Our applications optimize the use of resources and improve the return on investment.

We integrate lifestyle, medical, psychological and cognitive algorithms, weighted for the respective application area.

We integrate the latest research and benchmark results into our applications.