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Scientific. Evident.

As a university spin-off (Leibniz Institute for Labor Research at TU Dortmund and Bergische Universität Wuppertal), vivamind is committed to a scientific approach. Thus, we only use indicators that have proven to be highly significant for mental well-being and physical constitution in experimental studies, long-term studies and meta-analyses.

In addition to the now very broad empirical as well as epidemiological evidence in preventive medicine and occupational and health psychology, we conduct independent research studies, the results of which are published in relevant scientific journals (including the Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology and the International Journal of Stress Management) and directly contribute to the further development of vivamind products.

Product idea

The product idea of vivamind focuses on the increasing demand for efficient, valid and integrative individual evaluation for evidence-based prevention to sustainably stabilize and promote mental and physical health and cognitive performance.

vivamind offers online-based medical and psychological diagnostic solutions that receive differentiated and clear feedback on relevant health indicators via all Internet-enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops). The data analysis as well as the realization of the result profiles with explanatory texts are carried out immediately after the standardized input in real time. The online-based platform for psychological and medical diagnostics has a modular structure and provides feedback on specific health aspects depending on the field of application.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning

The algorithms for the individual analysis are based on broad norm samples, validated prognosis formulas as well as symptom-related criteria and are continuously adapted taking into account current research findings. Current research results from medicine and psychology form the basis for the development and validation of the algorithms.

Thus, only indicators that have proven to be highly significant for mental well-being and physical constitution in experimental studies, long-term studies and meta-analyses are used for the health profiles.

The continuous growth of data in networked systems generates a gain in information quality towards autonomous learning processes.

Data protection. Cyber security

Highest safety

vivamind was developed according to the highest security standards and complies with the latest data protection guidelines. The vivamind data protection management and the execution processes are continuously checked and updated by experts in data protection law.

The data is transmitted securely and completely encrypted by a proven technology. vivamind verifies the identity of all users via reliable authentication steps and thus ensures trustworthiness. 

Regular code analyses and penetration testing prevent security gaps.