Nutritional medicine lecture

preveo GmbH Düsseldorf invites for Tuesday, September 17, at 6:30 p.m., to a patient event “Healthy nutrition- between myth and truth – nutrition from the preventive medical point of view”.

Dr. Mounia Küppers, specialist for internal medicine of the Preveo GmbH Duesseldorf, would like to clear up in its lecture over errors to the topic nutrition. The registration is possible under 0211415 543 30. The meeting is in the Peter Mueller STR. 20, 40468 Duesseldorf.

To nourish healthily – in addition there is extensive councellor literature. However these pieces of advice are scientifically often not supported, but ideologies partly doubtful nourishing gurus. Gluten-free, raw vegan, Paleo or nevertheless better Low Carb? Which is right? Is low-fat milk actually healthier than whole milk? Shouldn’t I finally buy more fruit, which is even supposed to protect against cancer? Do light products help to get rid of a few annoying pounds?

At home, there are just as many question marks: Should I rather cook vegetables – or is raw food healthier? Can I add salt if it tastes too bland, or is that bad for my blood pressure?